Due to market conditions and factors outside of its control, Uesugi Farms has made the difficult decision to wind down its operations at the conclusion of the 2018 Fall harvest season.  Uesugi’s priority is to maximize the value of its assets and implement plans to work with customers, vendors, lenders, employees and others to obtain the best outcome possible for all its stakeholders. 

The Company is in the process of reaching out to its customers and vendors to help them understand what this will mean for them and the proposed next steps. 

If you have questions, you can follow-up using the following email addresses:

For employee or payroll questions, please email humanresources@uesugifarms.com.

For customer or accounts receivable inquiries, please email accountsreceivables@uesugifarms.com.

For vendor and accounts payable inquiries, please email accountspayables@uesugifarms.com.

For sales inquiries, please email sales@uesugifarms.com.

For shipping inquiries, please email shipping@uesugifarms.com

Please understand if we are a bit slow to respond given the large volume of questions. 


Uesugi Farms